Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Boys in South Asia. A review of research findings, legislation, policy and programme responses

  title={Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Boys in South Asia. A review of research findings, legislation, policy and programme responses},
  author={John Frederick},
This paper provides an overview of research findings, legislation, policy and programme responses to prevent and respond to the sexual abuse and exploitation of boys in South Asia. The background to the paper is based on the findings from previous UNICEF IRC research on child trafficking in the region, which indicated that boys enjoy less legal protection than girls from sexual abuse and exploitation and less access to services for victims. While it is seen that the majority of legislation and… 
"No Other Choice": A Baseline Study on the Vulnerabilities of Males in the Sex Trade in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Social and cultural norms often assume men and boys to be inherently strong and/or invulnerable to sexual exploitation. As a result, sexual violence against men and boys is often ignored in programs
A Review of Child Sexual Abuse in Pakistan Based on Data from “Sahil” Organization
Child sexual abuse (CSA) is an unrevealed but an alarming issue in every civilized society. This paper examines the reported incidents of child sexual abuse in Pakistan. Its primary goal is to assess
"They Shamed Me": An Exploratory Study on the Vulnerabilities of Street-Involved Boys to Sexual Exploitation in Manila, Philippines
This exploratory study is one of a series of research projects interviewing survivors of sexual exploitation in Southeast Asia. It assesses the risk factors and vulnerabilities of street children in
“Strive harder and don't lose hope”: sexual exploitation of male youth in the sex trade in Manila
PurposeThe purpose of this research is to understand the vulnerabilities of male youth in the sex trade in Manila, Philippines. Using purposive and a modified respondent-driven sampling methodology,
Gender Differences in the Context and Consequences of Child Sexual Abuse
Abstract Child sexual abuse, and particularly the abuse of boys, is now the focus of significant research and attention — especially in light of various inquiries, as many victim-survivors come
School Administrative Factors Influencing Sexual Violence against Children (SVAC) In Primary Schools of Urban District, Zanzibar
  • A. Abdallah
  • Education
    Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences
  • 2021
This study aimed at finding out school administrative factors influencing sexual violence against children (SVAC) in primary schools of Urban District, Zanzibar. The study used a qualitative research
Despite an overall slowing population growth, the Asia–Pacific region still contains over 64 per cent of the global population 2 and some of the most densely populated places in the world. The region


Assessment of vulnerability of boys: a situation analysis on prostitution of boys.
The study was aimed to explore a qualitative analysis addressing the situation of prostitution of boys and assessing the vulnerability of boys relating to sexual abuse and exploitation. It has
Situational analysis report on prostitution of boys in Pakistan (Lahore and Peshawar).
Pakistans high population growth rate and rapid urbanisation have given rise to more and more children working and living on the streets. This study has found that these children are vulnerable to
Escaping Violence, Seeking Freedom: Why Children in Bangladesh Migrate to the Street
In Bangladesh, as in many developing countries, there is a widespread belief amongst the public, policymakers and social workers that children `abandon` their families and migrate to the street
Bitter Chocolate: Child Sexual Abuse in India
Sometime, somewhere, the conspiracy of silence around child sexual abuse in Indian homes had to be shattered. This path-breaking book - the first of its kind in the country and the subcontinent -
Boys: Sexual Abuse and Treatment
1. The Phoney Policeman. 2. Boys as Victims. 3. It Started with a Burn on the Arm - Sexually Abused by Father. 4. Why Did She Do It? - Sexually Abused by Mother. 5. Sibling Incest - An Unexplored
Islamic Homosexualities: Culture, History, and Literature
The dramatic impact of Islamic fundamentalism in recent years has skewed our image of Islamic history and culture. Stereotypes depict Islamic societies as economically backward, hyper-patriarchal,
Kids as Commodities: Child Trafficking and What to do about it
This study has been produced with the financial assistance of the Oak Foundation, the Terre des Hommes Foundation in Lausanne, Switzerland ( and Terre des Hommes Germany ( The
Nowhere to Hide
Abstract This article examines the relationship between lesbian battering, homophobia (both external and internalized), and the stress of living as a member of an oppressed minority. While domestic
World report on violence and health.
  • N. Cardia
  • Political Science
    New South Wales public health bulletin
  • 2002
Men and women everywhere have the right to live their lives and raise their children free from the fear of violence, and to help them enjoy that right by making it clearly understood that violence is preventable, and by working together to identify and address its underlying causes.
Forms and patterns of social discrimination in Nepal: a report.
Socio-cultural diversity is one of the important features of Nepalese society. Its people are categorized into a number of caste groups as well as ethnic communities. They possess different types of