Sex trafficking in women from Central and East European countries: promoting a ‘victim-centred’ and ‘woman-centred’ approach to criminal justice intervention

  title={Sex trafficking in women from Central and East European countries: promoting a ‘victim-centred’ and ‘woman-centred’ approach to criminal justice intervention},
  author={J. Basil Goodey},
  journal={Feminist Review},
  • J. Goodey
  • Published 11 March 2004
  • Sociology
  • Feminist Review
abstractSince the collapse of the Berlin wall, women and girls have been trafficked from central and eastern Europe to work as prostitutes in the European Union. This paper looks at the response of the international community to the problem of sex trafficking as it impacts on the EU. The focus is on criminal justice intervention with respect to protection of and assistance to ‘victims’, and a specially witness protection, in the light of the following: the tensions and promises between… 
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