Sex toys, sex dolls, sex robots: Our under-researched bed-fellows

  title={Sex toys, sex dolls, sex robots: Our under-researched bed-fellows},
  author={Nicola D{\"o}ring and Sandra P{\"o}schl},

From Sex Dolls to Sex Robots and Beyond: A Narrative Review of Theoretical and Empirical Research on Human-like and Personified Sex Tech

Purpose of Review Developments in human-like and personified sex tech require familiarity with a range of technologically sophisticated sex toys. Most sex toys approximating full-sized human bodies

Sex Dolls and Sex Robots

  • N. Döring
  • Psychology
    Encyclopedia of Sexuality and Gender
  • 2020
Sex dolls are defined as human-like, anatomically correct, anthropomorphic dolls created and used to generate or enhance sexual arousal and pleasure in both solo and partnered sex (Döring et al.,

Design, Use, and Effects of Sex Dolls and Sex Robots: Scoping Review

There is a need to improve the theoretical elaboration and the scope and depth of empirical research examining the sexual uses of human-like full-body material artifacts, particularly concerning not only risks but also opportunities for sexual and social well-being.

How Customers Evaluate Genitalia versus Torso Sex Toys on A Content Analysis of Product Reviews

Sex toys are widely marketed on the Internet. Browsing for, buying, and reviewing sex toys online are popular cybersexual activities. The aim of this study was to investigate consumers’ experiences

Sex Doll as a New Form of Transitional Object

  • B. Tondu
  • Psychology
    2022 31st IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN)
  • 2022
Sex dolls are passively jointed human-like structures. Their limited but non negligible dissemination may suggest future new modes of sexual and affective relationships with sex robots. Understanding

Artificial Emotions and Love and Sex Doll Service Workers

Realistic looking humanoid love and sex dolls have been available on a somewhat secretive basis for at least three decades. But today the industry has gone mainstream with North American, European,

Investigating the differences between females perceive same-gender and heterogender sex robots regarding adoption and intentions

The market for sex robots is on the rise with the development of human–computer interaction. However, most sex robots on the market are presented as male-friendly products. This issue may limit and

Experiences with Diverse Sex Toys Among German Heterosexual Adults: Findings From a National Online Survey

Stronger positive than negative perceived effects of sex toy use were reported by women and men alike, indicating that professionals in sexual health/sexuality education should consider sex toys use as a common and beneficial sexual behavior.

Should society accept sex robots?

Abstract In early 2015, Kathleen Richardson announced the arrival of the world’s largest, organised resistance group against the production of sex robots in society: The Campaign Against Sex Robots

Exploring the Psychological Characteristics and Risk-related Cognitions of Individuals Who Own Sex Dolls.

The ownership of sex dolls has become an increasingly controversial social issue over the last five to ten years, with many in society (and academia) calling for the criminalization of such dolls. At




Over the last fifteen years, the sex doll industry has grown from producing inexpensive novelty items to creating a multimillion-dollar global industry featuring high-quality, realistic love dolls.

Sex Toy Use by Gay and Bisexual Men in the United States

The data suggest that sex toy use is common among gay and bisexual men during both solo and partnered sexual activities and considered by these men as enhancing the quality of their sexual experiences.

Gendered Synthetic Love: Real Dolls and the Construction of Intimacy

Real Dolls are life-size, anatomically correct figures. Except for their lifelessness, they are made to look and feel like humans. The availability of Real Dolls allows us to examine the social

‘Synthetik Love Lasts Forever’: Sex Dolls and the (Post?)Human Condition

The sex doll—an artificial representation of the human body for sexual usage—has a long and somewhat secret history. After briefly recounting this history, this paper examines the realistic modern

Not Only the Lonely—How Men Explicitly and Implicitly Evaluate the Attractiveness of Sex Robots in Comparison to the Attractiveness of Women, and Personal Characteristics Influencing This Evaluation

While some theories, such as the Media Equation, suggest that men will evaluate sex robots to be attractive, other assumptions (e.g., biases of norm adherence) would contradict this hypothesis.

For the Love of Doll(s): A Patriarchal Nightmare of Cyborg Couplings

Thirty years after the publication of Donna Haraway's A Cyborg Manifesto, machine-human couplings have manifested in a subculture of men who love dolls. More than sexual objects, these increasingly

Pleasure is your birthright: digitally enabled designer sex toys as a case of third-wave HCI

A case study of a group of designers who have revolutionized their domain - sex toys - by combining embodied pleasure, intimate experience, health and wellness, emerging technologies, high-quality design processes, and social activism is presented.

Exploration of Relational Factors and the Likelihood of a Sexual Robotic Experience

Results indicate one is more likely to have a sexual episode with a robot the more sexual fantasies and risky behavior one partakes in and less likely toHave sex with a robots the more they view robots negatively.

Online Sexual Activity Experiences Among College Students: A Four-Country Comparison

Men showed both higher prevalence and frequency of use of sexually stimulating material online than did women, however, this gender gap was smaller than in previous studies, suggesting that, overall, students in the four countries were similar in their OSA experiences.