Sex segregation ratio and gender expression in the genus Actinidia

  title={Sex segregation ratio and gender expression in the genus Actinidia},
  author={Raffaele Testolin and Guido Cipriani and Guilherme Costa},
  journal={Sexual Plant Reproduction},
The sex segregation ratio was checked in bi-parental families of Actinidia deliciosa (2n=6x=174) obtained by crossing four females (A12, Mo3, Br4, Hw1) with two males (T2, M1) and one fruiting male (M3h, subandroecious) according to a factorial mating design. The M3h fruiting male was also selfed. The sex ratio was checked in maternal families of A. kolomikta (2n=2x) and A. chinensis (2n=2x) as well as in A. deliciosa. Seedlings of both diploid species took 3–4 years to progress beyond… CONTINUE READING
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