Sex in Public

  title={Sex in Public},
  author={Lauren Berlant and Michael Warner},
  journal={Critical Inquiry},
  pages={547 - 566}
A paper titled "Sex in Public" teases with the obscurity of its object and the twisted aim of its narrative. In this paper we will be talking not about the sex people already have clarity about, nor identities and acts, nor a wildness in need of derepression; but rather about sex as it is mediated by publics.' Some of these publics have an obvious relation to sex: pornographic cinema, phone sex, "adult" markets for print, lap dancing. Others are organized around sex, but not necessarily sex… 
Between a Rock and a Slippery Slope: Negotiating the Intersections of Religion and Sexuality on Network Television's The Book of Daniel
This article analyzes the television series The Book of Daniel, a program that shows in full relief the ways that current discourses of religion and sexuality converge to produce a particular type of
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Dobson argues for an orientation of research into intimate and sexual media practices around power and social justice. She frames intimate and sexual media practices in terms of their potential
Elusive sex acts: pleasure and politics in Norwegian sex education
While there is little political opposition towards sex education as such in Norway, recent attempts at reforming the subject reveal underlying heteronormative presumptions that seem resistant to
Privacy, Porn, and Gay Sex Parties: The Carceral Governance of Homosexuality in Indonesia
This article examines how the recent Indonesian Pornography Law renders homosexuality and/or homosexual acts intelligible to the Indonesia state and society by institutionalising them as criminal
Reason, Madness, and Sexuality in the British Public Sphere
Drawing on the work of Michel Foucault and Jürgen Habermas, this essay explores how the relationships among reason, madness, and sexuality were represented and contested in the print culture of
Ordinary Folk and Cottaging: Law, Morality, and Public Sex
The Sexual Offences Act 2003 introduced a new statutory offence of ‘sexual activity in a public lavatory’ into English law. Although written as a gender-neutral offence, the statute was formulated
If I Am Not Straight or Gay, Who Am I?
Women that are violating heterosexual norms for sexual desire will run into issues about identity. This study explores ways of dealing with sexual identities that seems to provide a workable solution
"For that hour he is Mr Hunk himself" : men's narratives of buying sex
Despite sex work and its related activities being a criminal offence, it is an ingrained part of South African society. Street based sex workers can be found working on the streets of every city in
World, City, Queer
Scholars are now well attuned to the geographies of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) tolerance and intolerance across the world's countries. Yet, the ways in which the global and national
IS SEX WORTH DYING FOR? Sentimental-Homicidal-Suicidal Violence in Theological Discourse of Sexuality
In theological discourse of sexuality, queer theory has often been regarded as an extension of the project of gay and lesbian liberation, when it actually challenges an organizing value of the entire


the new obscurity: the crisis of the welfare state and the exhaustion of utopian energies
L'A. reflechit sur la crise actuelle de l'utopie (traditionnellement fondee sur une conception du travail)| il l'analyse dans son lien avec les programmes politiques du " welfare " incapables de
Same-Sex :Llarriage, Pro and Con
  • 1997