Sex differences in the micronucleus test: true or false?

  title={Sex differences in the micronucleus test: true or false?},
  author={M. Holmstrom},
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Main issues addressed in the 2014–2015 revisions to the OECD Genetic Toxicology Test Guidelines
The revision process resulted in improved consistency among OECD TGs and more comprehensive recommendations for the conduct and the interpretation of the assays and should improve the efficiency, by which the data are generated, and the quality and reliability of test results.
Evaluation of the mutagenicity and antimutagenicity of Ziziphus joazeiro Mart. bark in the micronucleus assay
No systemic toxicity and moderate toxicity at lower and higher doses of GEZJ were indicated and the lack of mutagenicity and systemic toxicity in the antimutagenic assays suggested that phytochemical compounds in Z. joazeiro bark attenuated DXR-induced mutagenic and the moderate systemic toxicity of a high dose.
Advances in Mutagenesis Research