Sex differences in fingerprint ridge density in the Mataco-Mataguayo population.

  title={Sex differences in fingerprint ridge density in the Mataco-Mataguayo population.},
  author={Esperanza Guti{\'e}rrez-Redomero and M. M. Canedo Alonso and Jos{\'e} Edgardo Dipierri},
  journal={Homo : internationale Zeitschrift fur die vergleichende Forschung am Menschen},
  volume={62 6},
Ridge density (RD), the number of digital ridges per unit area, varies according to sex, age, and population origin. The main objective of this study was to determine the extent of sexual dimorphism in RD and to set the age at which it appears, in an Amerindian sample from the Mataco-Mataguayo population. The sample studied for this research consisted of 99 males and 110 females, between 6 and 25 years old, which amounts to a total of 2090 fingerprints. Ridge count was carried out on distal… CONTINUE READING
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