Sex differences in HIV-1 viral load and progression to AIDS.

  title={Sex differences in HIV-1 viral load and progression to AIDS.},
  author={Homayoon Farzadegan and Donald R Hoover and Jacquie Astemborski and Cynthia McDonnell Lyles and Joseph B. Margolick and Richard B. Markham and Thomas C Quinn and David Vlahov},
  volume={352 9139},
BACKGROUND Plasma HIV-1 RNA measurements are used for initiation of antiretroviral treatments. Whether the viral-load association with prognosis is similar in women and men is unknown. METHODS We studied 812 specimens from 650 injection-drug users (IDUs) participating in a continuous observational study of patients based in a community clinic. HIV-1 load was measured by branched-chain DNA on samples from 527 IDUs from the baseline visit, and by reverse-transcriptase PCR and quantitative… CONTINUE READING