Sex determination in platypus and echidna: autosomal location of SOX3 confirms the absence of SRY from monotremes

  title={Sex determination in platypus and echidna: autosomal location of SOX3 confirms the absence of SRY from monotremes},
  author={M. Wallis and P. Waters and M. Delbridge and P. Kirby and A. Pask and F. Gr{\"u}tzner and W. Rens and M. A. Ferguson-Smith and J. Graves},
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In eutherian (‘placental’ mammals, sex is determined by the presence or absence of the Y chromosome-borne gene SRY, which triggers testis determination. Marsupials also have a Y-borne SRY gene, implying that this mechanism is ancestral to therians, the SRY gene having diverged from its X-borne homologue SOX3 at least 180 million years ago. The rare exceptions have clearly lost and replaced the SRY mechanism recently. Other vertebrate classes have a variety of sex-determining mechanisms, but… Expand
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