Sex-dependent antidepressant effects of lower doses of progesterone in rats.

  title={Sex-dependent antidepressant effects of lower doses of progesterone in rats.},
  author={Susie Andrade and Stephanie L Silveira and Bruno Dutra Arbo and Bruna Aparecida Melo Batista and Rosane Gomez and Helena Barros and Maria Fl{\'a}via Marques Ribeiro},
  journal={Physiology & behavior},
  volume={99 5},
Major depression is more prevalent among women than men, and progesterone might be involved in the mechanisms that generate these differences. Progesterone is clinically used for women in several reproductive events, but its antidepressant effect is unclear. Animal studies showed the interference of progesterone on depressive behaviors of rodents, but they are inconclusive, and no study compared different treatment durations. This study investigated the antidepressant effect of low doses of… CONTINUE READING

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