Sex between Men and Boys in Classical Greece: Was it Education for Citizenship or Child Abuse?

  title={Sex between Men and Boys in Classical Greece: Was it Education for Citizenship or Child Abuse?},
  author={Enid Bloch},
  journal={The Journal of Men's Studies},
  pages={183 - 204}
  • E. Bloch
  • Published 2001
  • Psychology
  • The Journal of Men's Studies
For most of the past two thousand years no one would discuss Greek pederasty directly, and the innumerable references in ancient literature to erotic relationships between men and boys were ignored or suppressed. This situation has changed in recent years with the publication of important books about sexuality in the ancient world, but despite the openness of modern discussion, the question has yet to be raised whether Greek pederasty was good for the young boys who were the object of adult… Expand
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