Sex and the Spectacle of Music Videos: An Examination of the Portrayal of Race and Sexuality in Music Videos

  title={Sex and the Spectacle of Music Videos: An Examination of the Portrayal of Race and Sexuality in Music Videos},
  author={Jacob S. Turner},
  journal={Sex Roles},
This content analysis used two studies to examine sexual behaviors and sex role portrayals in music videos televised in the United States. The first study included 120 videos recorded from MTV, MTV2, VH-1, BET, and CMT and revealed African American videos were significantly more likely to portray sexual content and female characters in provocative clothing than White videos. The second study analyzed 20 videos from BET’s late-night program, Un:Cut. Results revealed Un:Cut videos depicted seven… 

The Influence of Sexual Music Videos on Adolescents’ Misogynistic Beliefs

Structural equation modeling showed that viewing sexual music videos by male artists increased the acceptance of female token resistance among adolescent girls, but not adolescent boys, and influenced girls’ acceptance of token resistance indirectly via affective engagement, suggesting effects of sexual music video on stereotypical sexual beliefs depend on the specific type of music video and viewers’ gender.

The Relationship Between Sexual Content in Music and Dating and Sexual Behaviors of Emerging Adults

The current study examined the relationship between sexual content in music lyrics, music videos, and the public image of popular music artists and the sexual behaviors of emerging adults. It was

Music Videos and Sexual Risk in African American Adolescent Girls

Abstract Background: Music videos contain sexual content often reflecting women as promiscuous, submissive, or passive. Few studies have examined gender- and sex-related attitudes in African American

“I Might Get Your Heart Racing in My Skin-Tight Jeans”: Sexualization on Music Entertainment Television

This study explores the culture of sexualizing the (female) body in music entertainment television. A quantitative content analysis was conducted, analyzing 9,369 scenes from 1,393 music videos and

Empowered Sexual Objects? The Priming Influence of Self-Sexualization on Thoughts and Beliefs Related to Gender, Sex, and Power

This study investigated the effects of exposure to self-sexualization on young adults’ thoughts and beliefs about gender and sexuality. An experiment in which participants viewed music videos

Conflicting Paradigms on Gender and Sexuality in Rap Music: A Systematic Review

Rap music has major social and cultural significance for American and global youth audiences and, along with other media, is believed to play a central role in shaping adolescents’ beliefs, attitudes

Gender, Race, and Aggression in Mainstream Pornography

A study of popular free Internet pornographic videos found that videos featuring Black women were less likely to depict aggression than those featuring White women, while videos featuring Asian and Latina women were more likely to depictions aggression.

Athletic or Sexy? A Comparison of Female Athletes and Fashion Models in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues

Using a modified version of Goffman’s (Gender advertisements. Harper Colophon, New York, 1976) gender display as a conceptual framework, this study examined the gendered body images of female

A Scripted Sexuality: Media, Gendered Sexual Scripts, and Their Impact on Our Lives

Gendered sexual scripts reflect the culture’s expectations for how women and men interact in courtship and romantic relationships. These expectations prioritize passivity and appearance for young

Living Life as the Bachelor/ette: Contributions of Diverse Television Genres to Adolescents’ Acceptance of Gendered Sexual Scripts

For both studies, viewing of reality TV was associated with stronger support of each measure of GSS; there were few contributions of other genres.



An Investigation of Sex-Role Stereotyping in Music Videos.

This study investigated sex‐role stereotyping of occupational roles and the behaviors of music‐video characters in a random sample of 182 MTV music videos. It was found that both male and female

The effects of gender and music video imagery on sexual attitudes.

  • L. Kalof
  • Psychology
    The Journal of social psychology
  • 1999
Exposure to traditional sexual imagery had a significant main effect on attitudes about adversarial sexual relationships, and gender had main effects on 3 of 4 sexual attitudes.

What's happening on Music Television? A gender role content analysis

This study analyzed 40 Music Television (MTV) music videos across gender role based content categories. Videos were rated at 30-second intervals by four trained raters using a consensus model.

Sexism on MTV: The Portrayal of Women in Rock Videos

b It has become commonplace to analyze various forms of television content to determine how each form uniquely distorts everyday life. Perhaps best known of these studies is the work by Greenberg and

Violence in Music Videos: Examining the Prevalence and Context of Physical Aggression

The purpose of this study was to examine violence in music video programming. Using a representative sample of television content, we assessed whether the amount and context of physical aggression

Mixed messages: The relationship between sexual and religious imagery in rock, country, and Christian videos

Music videos from three types of music networks—rock (MTV), country (TNN), and contemporary Christian (Z music)—were content analyzed to determine patterns of occurrence and co‐occurrence of sexual

Tobacco and alcohol use behaviors portrayed in music videos: a content analysis.

These data indicate that even modest levels of viewing may result in substantial exposure to glamorized depictions of alcohol and tobacco use and alcohol use coupled with sexuality.

Stereotyping Effect of Black Women's Sexual Rap on White Audiences

White female and male students were exposed to a set of videos featuring popular music performed by female Black artists. The videos presented either songs of devoted love or rap designed to be

Consumption of sexual dialogue and content on television and adolescent sexual outcomes: multiethnic findings.

In this sample, SD and SC consumption varied by subgroup and explained variance in some sexual attitudes and behavior variables but not others, and in some demographic subgroups but not other.

Are rap videos more violent? Style differences and the prevalence of sex and violence in the age of MTV

Over a decade after MTV made music videos a popular form of entertainment among American youths, the landscape of the television and recording industries has changed. Newer genres of music videos,