Sex Typing for Sport

  title={Sex Typing for Sport},
  author={Alice Domurat Dreger},
  journal={Hastings Center Report},
  pages={22 - 24}
  • A. Dreger
  • Published 4 March 2010
  • Education
  • Hastings Center Report
In January, the International Olympic Committee sponsored a meeting of medical professionals in Miami aimed at revising the "gender verification" policies of the IOC and the International Association of Athletics Federations. These are the policies that come into play when someone questions whether a particular athlete should be allowed to compete as a woman. The Miami meeting failed to produce any clear consensus and only seemed to create confusion about what is now considered fair or… 

Sugar, spice and everything nice: how to end ‘sex testing’ in international athletics

ABSTRACT In many settings, decision makers look to science as the basis for making decisions that are made difficult by their social or political context. Sport is no different. For more than a half

Out of Bounds? A Critique of the New Policies on Hyperandrogenism in Elite Female Athletes

The new policies in response to Caster Semenya's case are questioned on three grounds: the underlying scientific assumptions; the policymaking process; and the potential to achieve fairness for female athletes.

In the Halfway House of Ill Repute: Gender Verification under a Different Name, Still No Contribution to Fair Play

The aftermath of Caster Semenya’s resounding victory in the women’s 800 m at the 2009 Athletics World Championships in Berlin highlighted the ethical and scientific flaws of gender verification in

Transwomen in elite sport: scientific and ethical considerations

It is concluded that the advantage to transwomen afforded by the IOC guidelines is an intolerable unfairness and the existing male/female categories in sport should be abandoned in favour of a more nuanced approach satisfying both inclusion and fairness.

The phantom category of ‘Intersex’ in elite sports: knowledge about ‘Disturbing’ female bodies and athletic performances

In this thesis I contribute to the discourse on disturbing bodies and athletic performances in female sports through the phantom category of ‘intersex’. As ‘Intersex’ is disputed as an identity and

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Due to the widely accepted belief that men are physically superior to women, men and women have always participated in separate athletic competitions. The verification of the biological sex of women

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This thesis aims to investigate the regulatory balance between inclusion and exclusion in competitive sport. Society is obsessed with categorising and treating individuals and groups according to

The Discursive Emergence of Gendered Physiological Discrimination in Sex Verification Testing

Athletic female bodies challenge ideals of femininity, a tendency exacerbated by factors relating to gender expression, race, and nationality. In this article, the authors trace the discourse of sex

How Close Are We to Gene Doping?

A new movement is founded on the position that it is the very existence of antidoping regulation and oversight that produces a climate of cheating and distrust in sports, and that regulation and prohibition should be replaced by a more laissez-faire approach.

Doing Gender, Determining Gender

This article explores “determining gender,” the umbrella term for social practices of placing others in gender categories. We draw on three case studies showcasing moments of conflict over who counts



Either/or: sports, sex, and the case of Caster Semenya.

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