Sex Positive: Feminism, Queer Theory, and the Politics of Transgression

  title={Sex Positive: Feminism, Queer Theory, and the Politics of Transgression},
  author={Elisa F. Glick},
  journal={Feminist Review},
  • E. Glick
  • Published 1 April 2000
  • Art, Sociology
  • Feminist Review
From the feminist ‘sex wars’ of the 1980s to the queer theory and politics of the 1990s, debates about the politics of sexuality have been at the forefront of contemporary theoretical, social, and political demands. This article seeks to intervene in these debates by challenging the terms through which they have been defined. Investigating the importance of ‘sex positivity’ and transgression as conceptual features of feminist and queer discourses, this essay calls for a new focus on the… 
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At first glance, the contemporary phenomenon of MILF (standing for “Mother I’d Like to Fuck”) in both pornography and popular culture seems to stand as an antidote for the desexualization of women
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