Sex Offenses: The Marginal Status of the Adolescent

  title={Sex Offenses: The Marginal Status of the Adolescent},
  author={Albert J. Reiss,},
  journal={Law and contemporary problems},
  • A. Reiss,
  • Published 1960
  • Psychology, Education
  • Law and contemporary problems
Adolescence is not a highly institutionalized position in American society.1 It is a transitional status between childhood and adulthood, but it is less institutionalized than either of the two age-based status positions that it borders and connects. The adolescent is a marginal person who is no longer accorded the privileged status of the child, nor as yet many of the rights and responsibilities of the adult. The relatively low degree of institutionalization of adolescence as a status position… 
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The above statement contained in the Task Force Report on Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Crime has been well documented by empirical data. For the most part, inquiries into the motivational factors
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