Sex Differences in Intelligence: The Developmental Theory

  title={Sex Differences in Intelligence: The Developmental Theory},
  author={Richard John Lynn},
  journal={Mankind Quarterly},
  • R. Lynn
  • Published 1 September 2017
  • Psychology
  • Mankind Quarterly
It is a paradox that males have a larger average brain size than females, that brain size is positively associated with intelligence, and yet numerous experts have asserted that there is no sex difference in intelligence. This paper presents the developmental theory of sex differences in intelligence as a solution to this problem. This states that boys and girls have about the same IQ up to the age of 15 years but from the age of 16 the average IQ of males becomes higher than that of females… 


There has been a significant amount of debate around gender differences in intellectual functioning, however, most of this research concerns typically developing populations and lacks research into

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