Sex, drugs and the honour roll: the perennial challenges of addressing moral purity issues in schools

  title={Sex, drugs and the honour roll: the perennial challenges of addressing moral purity issues in schools},
  author={Kenneth W. Tupper},
  journal={Critical Public Health},
  pages={115 - 131}
In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century in North America, public health and social reform advocates were quick to identify and exploit the nascent modern institution of public schools as opportune spaces in which to advance their progressive projects. In particular, psychoactive substance use (at first primarily alcohol drinking) and sexuality were regarded as two domains of morally-charged social activity in which desired attitudinal and behavioural outcomes could be achieved… 

Sexuality Education and the School District of Philadelphia

I remember going to see the movie Mean Girls (Lorne & Waters) in 2004 and thinking the aforementioned quote was one of the funniest in the film. A witty commentary on the multitude of abstinence-only

How can we increase children’s understanding of the social determinants of health? Why charitable drives in schools reinforce individualism, responsibilisation and inequity

This paper examines the ways in which neoliberal responses to social health issues shape the educational discourses and practices of schools. As schools are increasingly identified as ideal spaces

‘A lot more to learn than where babies come from’: controversy, language and agenda setting in the framing of school-based sexuality education curricula in Australia

Sexuality education in Australian schools continues to struggle in its ability and willingness to address many of the broader social issues associated with sexuality, such as the needs of gay,

Embarrassment, Shame, and Reassurance: Emotion and Young People’s Access to Online Sexual Health Information

The relationship between emotion and young people’s engagement with online sexual health information is analyzed to suggest the need for research, policy, and public health initiatives that are open to the multiple effects of emotion, including those traditionally thought of as negative, and their role in materialising encounters withSexual health information.

The attitude of parents towards the teaching of sex education in secondary schools

  • Education
  • 2017
This research works investigated the attitude of parents towards the teaching of sex education in secondary schools. Ten secondary schools in Ondo West Local Government Area of Ondo State were used

Attitude and Perception of Parents towards Teaching Sex- Education among Pupils in Primary Schools in Ilishan Remo, Ogun State.Nigeria

Sex education is believed to be as old as man and should be given to everyone irrespective of age, gender or tribe. School–based sex education has been reported to be the most effective and a cost

Schools and critical public health: towards dialogue, collaboration and action

For a field that generates so many research publications, school health is the focus of remarkably little critical scholarly analysis. This is a curious situation for many reasons, not least because

Young brains at risk: Co-constituting youth and addiction in neuroscience-informed Australian drug education

This article explores the developing relationship between neuroscientific understandings of ‘addiction’ and ‘youth’. Drawing on science and technology studies theory and social scientific analyses of

Health Education in Schools

  • Nawal A. Alissa
  • Education, Medicine
    Novel Techniques in Nutrition & Food Science
  • 2020
If schools implemented health education and developed ways to encourage students to include healthy lifestyle decisions, proper nutrition, and exercise into their regular daily activity, then childhood obesity levels would decrease significantly.

Comparison Between Chinese and Danish School-based Sex Education from Gender Aspects

School-based sex education is distributed unequally in different areas, to be specific, more advanced in most western countries while still requires significant development in most eastern countries.



Animal sex: purity education and the naturalization of the abstinence agenda

An early-twentieth-century movement for social purity in England, Canada and the United States aimed to eradicate prostitution, the double standard of sexual morals and their dreaded corollary, the

Sexuality Education and Desire: Still Missing after All These Years.

Nearly twenty years after the publication of Michelle Fine's essay "Sexuality, Schooling, and Adolescent Females: The Missing Discourse of Desire," the question of how sexuality education influences

Birds, Bees, and Venereal Disease: Toward an Intellectual History of Sex Education

This essay scrutinizes the characteristically Progressive statement of “confidence in education” in the light of sex instructional materials generated in the United States between 1910 and 1940. I

Harmful To Minors: The Perils Of Protecting Children From Sex

Now available in paperback, Judith Levine's controversial book challenges American attitudes towards child and adolescent sexuality-especially attitudes promulgated by a Christian right that has

Teaching America About Sex: Marriage Guides and Sex Manuals from the Late Victorians to Dr. Ruth

In this witty and provocative study of sex and marriage manuals, M.E. Melody and Linda M. Peterson reveal that permissiveness, prohibition, and, tellingly, persuasion and enforcement-from sermons and

The Facts of Life: The Creation of Sexual Knowledge in Britain

The Facts of Life aims to examine the underlying politics of sexual knowledge: the structures of authority and subjection, permission and prohibition within which sexual knowledges were articulated, and the key debates that raged on such matters.

Ideas of the Early Sex Education Movement in America, 1890–1920

  • B. Strong
  • Psychology
    History of Education Quarterly
  • 1972
By the 1920s in the United States the older middle-class beliefs that sex was only for procreation and that pleasure was an unfortunate side effect "attached to this function simply to ensure reproduction," were being replaced by a belief in which pleasure was as equally legitimate an end of sexual activity in marriage as was procreation.

Sluts and Riot Grrrls: Female Identity and Sexual Agency

This article examines the history of the term ‘slut’ and the articulation of different meanings around it. It traces some of the ways in which the term has been appropriated in various popular

The Origins of Sex: A History of the First Sexual Revolution

For most of western history, all sex outside marriage was illegal, with the church and state punishing any dissent. Between 1600 and 1800, this entire world-view was shattered by revolutionary new

Slut-shaming, girl power and ‘sexualisation’: thinking through the politics of the international SlutWalks with teen girls

This viewpoint begins by exploring whether the global phenomenon of the 2011 ‘SlutWalks’ constitutes a feminist politics of re-signification. We then look at some qualitative, focus group data with