Severity of insomnia correlates with cognitive impairment.

  title={Severity of insomnia correlates with cognitive impairment.},
  author={Waldemar Szelenberger and Szymon Niemcewicz},
  journal={Acta neurobiologiae experimentalis},
  volume={60 3},
INTRODUCTION AND METHODS Cognitive deficits in insomnia have been already reported (5), however, a correlation between cognitive impairment and severity of insomnia was not as yet studied. Sixteen not medicated patients with primary insomnia according to DSM-IV (4), 7 men an 9 women, of mean age 40.8 year, were compared to 16 controls, matched according to age, sex and education. Standard polysomnographic data (PSG) were recorded. The next day all the subjects completed Athens Insomnia Scale… CONTINUE READING


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