Severity of injuries among sexual assault victims.


It is generally accepted that victims of sexual assault sustain bodily injury. This study's objective was to determine specific characteristics and severity of injuries among victims of sexual violence in Belgrade. Retrospectively, we analyzed a subgroup of victims of sexual violence that was legally processed over a five-year period. We evaluated 113 cases of sexual crimes selected from the District Court of Belgrade in order to analyze the medical records. All victims were female, at average 24.1 years old (range 5-80 years). In more than half of the cases (52%) evaluated, a medical examination was completed on the day of assault, while 84% took place within 72 hours post-assault. Due to delayed referral, body examination was not conducted on 12 victims (10.6%). We noted one or more extra-genital injuries in 64 victims (63.4%), no injuries in 36 victims (35.6%), whereas for one victim the medical records were inconclusive. Injuries, predominantly bruises, were located on limbs (32%), face (23%), and torso (7%). Abrasions and contusions were less frequently present, while two victims sustained lacerations. The Clinical Injury Extent Score was used to rate the physical severity of the assault. The majority of victims (44%) sustained light injuries, 18% were moderate, while one victim had severe injuries.


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