Severe trauma is not an excuse for prolonged antibiotic prophylaxis.

  title={Severe trauma is not an excuse for prolonged antibiotic prophylaxis.},
  author={George C. Velmahos and Konstantinos G. Toutouzas and Grant E Sarkisyan and Linda S. Chan and Anurag Jindal and Marios Karaiskakis and Namir Katkhouda and Thomas V. Berne and Demetrios Demetriades},
  journal={Archives of surgery},
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HYPOTHESIS For critically injured patients, a limited course of antibiotics is as effective as a prolonged course in preventing sepsis and organ failures. DESIGN Prospective nonrandomized study. SETTING Surgical intensive care unit (SICU) of an academic hospital with a level I trauma center. PATIENTS A population of 250 trauma patients who required an operation and SICU stay of 3 days or more received antibiotic prophylaxis by 1 antibiotic for 24 hours (SHORT group, n = 133) or 1 or more… CONTINUE READING