Severe sparganosis in Australian tree frogs.

  title={Severe sparganosis in Australian tree frogs.},
  author={Lee Berger and Lee F Skerratt and Xing-quan Zhu and Sam Young and Richard Speare},
  journal={Journal of wildlife diseases},
  volume={45 4},
Spargana of Spirometra erinacei infect many vertebrate species, but severe disease from sparganosis has been reported from few host species. Information on the effects of this common, introduced tapeworm of cats on Australian frogs is lacking. Our survey to detect significant diseases in free-ranging amphibians in eastern Australia between 1993 and 2000 revealed that infection with spargana (plerocercoids) of S. erinacei occurred in 12/243 (4.9%) sick frogs. Infections occurred in skeletal… CONTINUE READING

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