Severe inclusion body myositis with interstitial pneumonia.

  title={Severe inclusion body myositis with interstitial pneumonia.},
  author={Shunsuke Mori and Hironobu Hamada and Akihiro Yokoyama and Nobuoki Kohno and Keiichi Kondo and Yoichiro Hara and Hiro Kawata and K. Hiwada},
  journal={Internal medicine},
  volume={40 9},
We report a patient with a severe inclusion body myositis (IBM). His illness was unusual in terms of a rapid progression, high creatine kinase levels, and complication with interstitial pneumonia. He responded well to immunosuppressive agents such as corticosteroids, cyclosporin A, cyclophosphamide, and immunoglobulin. The present patient indicates the wide range of the disease, and that immunosuppressive agents may be useful for treatment of IBM. 


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