Severe impairment of permatogenesis in mice lacking the CREM gene

  title={Severe impairment of permatogenesis in mice lacking the CREM gene},
  author={Julie A. Blendy and Klaus H. Kaestner and Gerhard F. Weinbauer and Eberhard Nieschlag and G. Sch{\"u}tz},
SPERMATOGENESIS is a complex developmental process that occurs in several phases. A large number of genes have been identified that are expressed during spermatogenesis1,2, but the biological significance of many of these is not yet known. We have used gene targeting to selectively eliminate the transcription factor CREM (cyclic AMP-responsive element modulator), which is thought to e important for mammalian spermatogenesis3–5. Male mice deficient for all CREM proteins are sterile, as their… CONTINUE READING


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