[Severe and recurrent digestive hemorrhage: an uncommon form of colonic schistosomiasis].


Schistosoma mansoni infection is frequent in certain areas of the world in which it is endemic. It is characterised by colonic and hepatic lesions. Gastrointestinal hemorrhages due to rupture of esophageal varices in case of hepatic involvement or moderate rectal bleeding due to colonic involvement may also be observed. We report a case of colonic Schistosoma mansoni infection presenting exclusively with recurrent episodes of serious gastrointestinal hemorrhage without hepatic lesions. All diagnostic investigations were negative. The diagnosis was only established on histological examination of the operative left hemicolectomy carried out with the utmost emergency for the serious recurrent hemorrhage. Histological examination revealed the presence of mucosal micro-ulcers, capillary neovascularization in the submucosa and serosa, and the presence of fibrous nodules and giant cell granulomas surrounding the eggs of Schistosoma mansoni in the serosa. This case is original by its clinical presentation and the difficulty to diagnose the Schistosomiasis.

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