Severe acute Guillain-Barré syndrome.

  title={Severe acute Guillain-Barr{\'e} syndrome.},
  author={Allan H. Ropper},
  volume={36 3},
Six of 58 consecutive patients with Guillain-Barré syndrome had an acute, severe, and prolonged initial illness, with quadriplegia in 2 to 5 days and mechanical ventilation for over 2 months. The average times in the ICU, on a ventilator, in the hospital, and in rehabilitation were 62, 141, 157, and 148 days, respectively. Four were still bedbound and ventilated at 6 months. Three (5%) were limited to a chair, and three walked unsteadily or required foot splints 2 to 3 years after onset. Only 2… CONTINUE READING

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