Severe Withdrawal (and Recovery)

  title={Severe Withdrawal (and Recovery)},
  author={Hans Rott and Maurice Pagnucco},
  journal={J. Philosophical Logic},
Theproblemof how to remove informationfrom an agent’ s stockof beliefsis of paramount concernin thebeliefchangeliterature.An inquiringagentmayremovebeliefsfor a varietyof reasons: abeliefmaybecalledinto doubtor theagentmaysimplywish to entertain otherpossiblities.In theprominentAGM framework [1, 8] for belief change,uponwhich the work hereis based,oneof thethreecentraloperations, contraction, addresses thisconcern(the othertwo dealwith theincorporationof new information).Makinson[23… CONTINUE READING
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