Severe Methemoglobinemia and Death From Intentional Sodium Nitrite Ingestions.

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Two cases of fatal methemoglobinemia caused by self-poisoning with sodium nitrite

The immediate administration of methylene blue in severe methemoglobinemia patients prevented fatal consequences and the public should be informed about the accessibility and toxicity of sodium nitrite.

Death from severe, refractory methaemoglobinaemia: A case report to illustrate an increasingly frequent manifestation of deliberate self‐poisoning

A case which highlights multiple system and clinical factors that should be optimised to manage severe methaemoglobinaemia cases and the promotion of sodium nitrite for euthanasia in a publication in late 2017 is reported.

Survival after self‐poisoning with sodium nitrite: A case report

This case report describes an intentional sodium nitrite ingestion with favorable outcomes and highlights the proper treatment of this ingestion with intravenous methylene blue.

Sodium Nitrite Intoxication and Death: Summarizing Evidence to Facilitate Diagnosis

Sodium-nitrite-related deaths represent a challenge for forensic pathologists; therefore, it is important to promptly recognize the essential features and perform the necessary and unrepeatable examinations for the correct diagnosis of the cause of death.

Suicide attempt using sodium nitrite ordered on the internet: Two case reports.

Case reports of 2 patients who attempted suicide by sodium nitrite after ordering a "suicide powder" on the internet market are presented, highlighting how simple and easy it is to buy Sodium nitrite for suicidal purposes.

Increasing use of sodium nitrite in suicides—an emerging trend

While autopsy findings were generally consistent with the literature, scene findings emphasized the accessibility of sodium nitrite to the general public as well as important analytical limitations in the evaluation of suspected cases.

National Poison Data System (NPDS) review of intentional sodium nitrite ingestions 2009–2019

An 11-year retrospective review of intentional sodium nitrite ingestions reported to the National Poison Data System from January 1, 2009-December 31, 2019 found that intentionally ingesting sodium nitrites represents a novel, growing trend and carries a high mortality rate among young adults.

Another suicide by sodium nitrite and multiple drugs: an alarming trend for “exit”?

The autopsy showed completely fixed grayish livor mortis, signs of asphyxia on the lips, and facial cyanosis, highlighting how relatively easy it is to buy sodium nitrite to commit suicide, indicating that specific responses should focus on restricting its access, especially in large quantities.

A woman with pallor, cyanosis, and bounding peripheral pulses immediately after overdose

A39-year-oldwoman presented byambulance 20minutes after ingesting 4 tablespoons of sodium nitrite in a suicide attempt and had generalized tonic-clonic seizures and was intubated.

Letter to the editor: Dramatic increase in deaths from nitrate/nitrite self-poisonings reported to poison control centers since June 2020

A biocompatibility study of salamander skin secretions in cell cultures and Gene conversion facilitates the adaptive evolution of self-resistance in highly toxic newts.



Survival after severe methemoglobinemia secondary to sodium nitrate ingestion

A 23-year-old female presented to the emergency department for an intentional ingestion of sodium nitrate obtained from an online distributor and received two doses of 1 mg/kg methylene blue and experienced dramatic clinical improvement and subsequent successful extubation.

Fatal methaemoglobinaemia induced by self‐poisoning with sodium nitrite

A 76‐year‐old man collapsed and rapidly developed brady‐asystolic cardiac arrest 25 min following self‐poisoning with an unknown quantity of crystalline sodium nitrite and died despite prolonged resuscitative efforts.

Methemoglobinemia following unintentional ingestion of sodium nitrite--New York, 2002.

  • Medicine
    MMWR. Morbidity and mortality weekly report
  • 2002
The investigation of an incident of methemoglobinemia in five members of a household in New York who became ill after eating a meal seasoned with a white crystalline substance from a plastic bag labeled "Refined Iodized Table Salt" underscores the need for proper storage of hazardous materials to avoid unintentional ingestion.

Methylene blue

Methylene blue finds its major utilization in toxicology in the treatment of methemoglobinemia at a dose of 1 to 2 mg/kg intravenously. By interacting with methemoglobin and the erythrocyte's enzyme

Accidental acute fatal sodium nitrite poisoning.

Analytical data indicated that the food poisoning occurred due to the accidental use of sodium nitrite and potassium arsenate instead of table salt in the preparation of tamarind (Tamarindus indica) soup.

Nitrates and Nitrites

This fact sheet answers the most frequently asked health questions (FAQs) about nitrates and nitrites. For more information, call the ATSDR Information Center at 1-800-232-4636. This fact sheet is

Catecholamine Vasopressor Support Sparing Strategies in Vasodilatory Shock

Clinical efficacy and safety data and potential role in therapy for catecholamine‐sparing agents in vasodilatory shock are reviewed, including concomitant vasopressin and corticosteroids have a more defined role in evidence‐based guidelines for managing shock.

An Autopsy Case of Fatal Methemoglobinemia due to Ingestion of Sodium Nitrite

It is concluded that the cause of death was severe methemoglobinemia following acute poisoning induced by sodium nitrite ingestion, although the blood nitrite concentration did not reach the fatal level.