Seven Years in the Field of Health Impact Assessment: Taking Stock and Future Directions

  title={Seven Years in the Field of Health Impact Assessment: Taking Stock and Future Directions},
  author={Mspp Rebecca Morley and Mph Mup Ruth Lindberg and Mssp Bethany Rogerson and Emily Bever and Mph Keshia M. Pollack},
The U.S. spends more per person on medical care than any other country, yet we have worse health indicators than many comparable wealthy nations. Research increasingly shows that social, economic, and environmental factors determine our health; however, there is still an emphasis on curing illnesses rather than addressing these underlying causes of disease. The Health Impact Project is a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts, established in 2009 to… Expand
Health impact assessment: An information needs analysis of HIA practitioners across sectors
Background: Information contained in health impact assessments (HIAs) provides valuable guidance for professionals in many fields and industries, also known as sectors. However, a growing body ofExpand
Avenues of Influence: the Relationship between Health Impact Assessment and Determinants of Health and Health Equity
This preliminary study suggests that HIAs can strengthen relationships and build trust between community and government institutions and suggest that HIA recommendations can inform policy and decision-making systems that determine the distribution of health-promoting resources and health risks. Expand
Optimizing the health benefits of climate change policies using health impact assessment
It is found that HIAs foster stakeholder engagement and provide useful health-promoting recommendations and can facilitate cross-sector collaboration, help optimize the health co-benefits of climate change policies, and raise awareness among decision makers of health impacts of those proposed policies. Expand
The Elaboration of an Intersectoral Partnership to Perform Health Impact Assessment in Urban Planning: The Experience of Quebec City (Canada)
This paper presents the approach developed with partners, the process, and the outcomes of HIA implementation after seven years of interinstitutional collaborations in Quebec City (ten HIA). Expand


Effectiveness of Health Impact Assessments: A Synthesis of Data From Five Impact Evaluation Reports
HIAs can be useful to promote health and mitigate adverse impacts of decisions made outside of the health sector, and further work could strengthen the role of HIAs in promoting equity, examine HIA impacts in specific sectors, and document the role in a “health in all policies” approach. Expand
An Evaluation of Health Impact Assessments in the United States, 2011–2014
Results of this study suggest HIAs are a useful tool to promote public health because they can influence decisions in nonhealth-related sectors, strengthen cross-sector collaborations, and raise awareness of health issues among decision makers. Expand
Lessons from San Francisco: health impact assessments have advanced political conditions for improving population health.
It is demonstrated that health impact assessment is both an analytic tool and a process that helps build the social institutions that can improve health. Expand
Evaluating health impact assessment.
It is suggested that typical HIA evaluations should focus on the process of the HIA and the impact that it has on the decision-making process, rather than attempting to evaluate long-term health outcomes or whether predicted impacts actually occurred. Expand
Health promotion glossary.
This glossary provides a history of health promotion in Canada over the past 175 years and outlines some of the key themes and issues that need to be addressed in the next generation of health policy-makers. Expand
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