Seven Pillars of Wisdom

  title={Seven Pillars of Wisdom},
  author={T. E. Lawrence}
Recit de l'action de Lawrence au Moyen Orient aupres des tribus arabes. - Premiere ed. a tirage limite en 1926, ed. abregee et expurgee en 1927 publiee sous le titre : "Revolt in the desert" 
Contrasts: A Defence of Desert Writings
All are evocative na m e s. Yet Edward Abbey, desert lover and self proclaimed protector of all that is arid, complained in h is 1968 Desert Solitaire that the desert was a place which had ' scarcely
Orde Wingate in the Sudan, 1928–1933: Formative experiences of the Chindit Commander
This short paper looks at Orde Wingate's role in armed policing and counter-bandit operations in Sudan during his time with the Sudan Defence Force.
Reading Lawrence in 1927: Revolt in the Desert and Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Lawrence of Arabia, Revolt in the Desert and Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Much of the impact of Lawrence’s writing derived from the extensive publicity given to his wartime career, which he neither
Reassessing T.E. Lawrence: Architect of a guerrilla campaign?
By late 1916, many expected the Arab Revolt against Ottoman rule would be swiftly crushed by the Turks due to the Arab armies' inability to effectively engage in regular battles. 1 However, in early
The Founding of Damascus University 1903-1936: An essay in praise of the pioneers
Damascus University, a pioneer in Levantine academia, has generally been ignored by Syriatologists and historians. Its story speaks volumes about the founding fathers of the Syrian Republic, however,
Sir Richard Burton as Totemic Pantomime Demon in Postcolonial Theory
The present article examines the ways in which the travels and journeys in Arabia and other Muslim lands of Richard Francis Burton, the nineteenth-century explorer and writer have, since the
The Many Lives of T. E. Lawrence: A Symposium
The many biographers of T. E. Lawrence (1888-1935), hero of the 1916-18 Arab revolt and author of Seven Pillars of Wisdom, depict two different men: a versatile genius and a vain faker. In their
Two "Arabian" Romantics: Charles Doughty and T. E. Lawrence
The Near East has long attracted a rare and eccentric kind of Englishman not satisfied with the more mundane interests of Continental Grand Tours and travel book writing. As T. E. Lawrence, certainly
Revolutions and Rebellions: Arab Revolt (Ottoman Empire/Middle East) | International Encyclopedia of the First World War (WW1)
As nationalist movements gained momentum in Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries, minorities within the Ottoman Empire such as the Greeks (1821-1832), Bulgarians (1876), and Serbians (18041817)
Palestine: The Arabs, the Jews, and the Peel Report
On October 30 , 1918, the war with Turkey ended, and on November 7, the French and British governments issued a joint Declaration: "The object aimed at by France and Great Britain in prosecuting the


traductrice, 18..-19..) Link: catalogue → Seven pillars of wisdom a triumph Material description:XIII-545
  • f. de pl.-[1] f. de front
  • 1919
Revolt in the desert Material description:1 vol. (XII-335 p.) Note:Note : Index Edition:New York : Garden city publishing
  • 1927
révolte dans le désert 1916-1918
  • Material description:1
  • 1888