Seven-Loop Critical Exponents from Strong-Coupling phi^4-Theory in Three Dimensions

  title={Seven-Loop Critical Exponents from Strong-Coupling phi^4-Theory in Three Dimensions},
  author={Hagen Kleinert},
Using strong-coupling quantum field theory we calculate highly accurate critical exponents nu, eta from new seven-loop expansions in three dimensions. Our theoretical value for the critical exponent alpha of the specific heat near the lambda-point of superfluid helium is alpha =-0.01294+-0.00060, in excellent agreement with the space shuttle experimental value alpha =-0.01285+-0.00038. 
Six-loop renormalization group functions of O(n)-symmetric phi6-theory and epsilon-expansions of tricritical exponents up to epsilon3
We present a six-loop calculation for Wilson's β-function and for the crossover exponent of the tricritical O(n) symmetric 6 theory in d = 3 − dimensions. The counterterms of all but one of the 29
Critical properties of the N-color london model.
The critical properties of the N-color London model are studied in d=2+1 dimensions, and it is concluded that one anomaly corresponds to an inverted 3Dxy fixed point, while the other corresponds to a 3DXY fixed point.
Self-similar variational perturbation theory for critical exponents.
  • H. Kleinert, V. Yukalov
  • Physics, Mathematics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2005
From only three-loop perturbation expansions in 4-epsilon dimensions, analytic results for the exponents are obtained, which are close to those derived recently from ordinary field-theoretic variational perturbational theory to seventh order.
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