Seven Decades of History of Science: I. Bernard Cohen (1914–2003), Second Editor of Isis

  title={Seven Decades of History of Science: I. Bernard Cohen (1914–2003), Second Editor of Isis},
  author={J. Dauben and M. L. Gleason and G. E. Smith},
  pages={4 - 35}
I. Bernard Cohen (1914–2003), the first American to receive a Ph.D. in history of science, was a Harvard undergraduate ('37) and then a Ph.D. student and protégé of George Sarton, founder of Isis and the History of Science Society. He went on to succeed Sarton as editor of Isis (1952–1958) and, later, president of the Society (1961–1962); he was also a president of the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science. Cohen was an internationally recognized Newton scholar; his… Expand
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