Seven Cases of Idiopathic Sudden Deafness in Children.

  title={Seven Cases of Idiopathic Sudden Deafness in Children.},
  author={Ryuichi Mochizuki and Katsumi Doi and Ayako Sugii and Hiroshi Muta and Ken Kitamura and Takeshi Kubo},
Seven children (two boys and five girls) with idiopathic sudden deafness (SD) are reported. Juvenile SD accounts for 3.2% of 216 SD cases. Their ages ranged from 7 to 14 years (mean age 10.4 years). Children over 5 years of age were aware of the onset and complained of it. However, the diagnosis is sometimes so difficult that treatment in the very early stages is often not undertaken in such cases.The average pre-treatment hearing level was 81.7dB, and four cases (57%) complained of vertigo… CONTINUE READING