Settling velocity of natural particles

  title={Settling velocity of natural particles},
  author={W. Dietrich},
  journal={Water Resources Research},
  • W. Dietrich
  • Published 1982
  • Geology
  • Water Resources Research
Data from 14 previous experimental studies were used to develop an empirical equation that accounts for the effects of size, density, shape, and roundness on the settling velocity of natural sediment. This analysis was done in terms of four nondimensional parameters, namely, the dimensionless nominal diameter D*, the dimensionless settling velocity W*, the Corey shape factor, and the Powers roundness index. For high D* (large or dense particles), changes in roundness and shape factor have… Expand
Shape Entropy and Settling Velocity of Natural Grains
ABSTRACT The shape of sedimentary particles has been quantified by many different form indices, which have been utilized mainly in determining grain hydrodynamic behavior. Although the orthogonalExpand
A Simple Formula to Estimate Settling Velocity of Natural Sediments
A simple formula to calculate the settling velocity of natural sediment particles for grain sizes between 0.063 and 1 mm is presented. The formula has been derived from the previous work of Dietrich,Expand
A new model for settling velocity of non-spherical particles
  • Fan Yang, Yu-Hong Zeng, Wenxin Huai
  • Medicine
  • Environmental Science and Pollution Research
  • 2021
A new model is obtained to predict the settling velocity of non-spherical particles of various shapes and materials and further applications in hydrochorous propagule dispersal and sediment transport are projected based on deeper understanding of the settling process. Expand
Settling velocity of non-spherical hydrochorous seeds
Abstract The settling velocity of irregular particles is affected by both particle properties (density, size, and shape) and fluid properties (density and viscosity) and is therefore a function ofExpand
A new relationship between grain size and fall (settling) velocity in air
The fall velocity of natural sand grains is a fundamental attribute of sediment transport in fluid environments where particles may become partially or fully suspended. Several formulae have beenExpand
Influence of Particle Shape on Drag Coefficient for Commonly Occuring Sandy Particles in Coastal Areas
A well defined relationship connecting settling velocity with sediment geometry and ambient properties is an essential pre-requisite for coastal and hydraulic engineering studies. An establishedExpand
Settling velocity of microplastic particles of regular shapes.
The effect of particle's shape on its settling velocity is highlighted, indicating the need of further experiments with real marine microplastics of different shapes and the necessity of the development of reasonable parameterization of microplastic settling for proper modeling of their transport in the water column. Expand
The Use of Equivalent Quartz Size and Settling Tube Apparatus to Fractionate Soil Aggregates by Settling Velocity
In a given layer of surface runoff, particle transport distance declines with increasing settling velocity. Settling velocity itself is determined by the size, density and shape of the particles. ForExpand
The relation between particle settling velocity and shape: a critical review
This research has tried to find a relation between particle settling velocity and shape. This was done by taking the settling velocity log-contrast of a non-spherical particle and an equivalentExpand
Estimating the settling velocity of bioclastic sediment using common grain-size analysis techniques
Most techniques for estimating settling velocities of natural particles have been developed primarily for siliciclastic sediments. Therefore, to understand how these techniques apply to bioclasticExpand


Grain Shape Effects on Settling Rates
The departure of a grain from a spherical shape causes a decrease in its settling velocity within a fluid. The more non-spherical the particle the greater the departure from the settling velocity ofExpand
Settling Velocities of Irregular Grains at Low Reynolds Numbers
ABSTRACT Settling rates of irregular glass particles were measured in a settling tube containing glycerine, yielding Reynolds numbers equivalent to silt to very fine sand quartz grains settling inExpand
Measurements and analysis of setting velocities of natural quartz sand grains
ABSTRACT Settling velocities in water were measured for natural quartz sand grains in the sieve-size range -0.75 to 1.50 (0.35-1.68 mm). Obtained from beach sand samples, the grains were selected soExpand
Effects of particle shape on settling velocity at low Reynolds numbers
Extensive theoretical and experimental studies have been conducted at the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research in an investigation of the effect of shape on the settling velocity of particles. AExpand
The Hydraulic Shape of Sand Particles
ABSTRACT The shapes of sand particles that affect their hydraulic properties in a moving fluid during entrainement, transport and deposition are closely approximated by their dynamic shape factorExpand
The Relationship Between Sphere Size And Settling Velocity
The settling velocities in water of 216 glass spheres ranging in size from 50mu to 5000mu in diameter were determined. The size, density, and shape of these spheres were accurately known. All timingExpand
Effect of shape upon the settling vellocity of regular convex geometric particles
ABSTRACT H, a measure of the effect of shape upon the settling velocity of a regular rigid convex particle, is synthesized here from two geometric components, a "form" component and a "surface area"Expand
The determination of the free-fall velocity of irregularly shaped particles in viscous fluids is presented. A shape parameter is proposed which correlates Reynolds number with drag coefficient toExpand
Particle roundness and surface texture effects on fall velocity
ABSTRACT Fall velocity measurements using geometrical objects were conducted in water in order to determine any changes in rate of fall due to a) particle roundness and b) particle surface texture.Expand
Measurement and geological significance of shape and roundness of sedimentary particles
ABSTRACT Methods are described for the rapid measurement of shape and roundness of large sedimentary particles. Shape is determined from the long, intermediate, and short diameters of the particles,Expand