[Setting up written informed consent for fiberoptic bronchoscopy in the pneumology units of Spanish hospitals].


OBJECTIVES To assess the implantation and quality of written IC in the pulmonology units of Spanish hospitals. METHOD A descriptive study was initiated with a nation-wide mail and/or telephone survey of 117 Spanish hospitals to determine whether or not written ICs were signed before fiberoptic bronchoscopy. If the respondents answered affirmatively, a copy of the form was requested for evaluation. Evaluation criteria were a) whether IC was specific for fiberoptic bronchoscopy, and if it was, b) whether it contained information as well as a declaration of consent, and c) whether the information and declaration were adequate, fulfilling minimum requirements. RESULTS Seventy-three pulmonology units (60%) responded and 49 of them (67.1%) reported that they obtained written ICs while 24 (32.9%) did not. Of the 49 departments that reported asking for written IC, 41 (83%) used forms that were specific for fiberoptic bronchoscopy and 8 (17%) used nonspecific forms. The 41 units with specific IC forms submitted papers containing both information and declaration sections. The information was adequate in 10 cases (24%) and the declaration was appropriate in 17 (41%); only 6 (14%) had both adequate information and an appropriate declaration. CONCLUSIONS Written ICs are increasingly common and are present in 67% of the pulmonology units that responded to the questionnaire. The low number of forms meeting minimum requirements is remarkable. It would be useful to design an IC form that respects our specific sociocultural context for use nation-wide in Spain.

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