Setting life cycle assessment (LCA) in a future-oriented context: the combination of qualitative scenarios and LCA in the agri-food sector

  title={Setting life cycle assessment (LCA) in a future-oriented context: the combination of qualitative scenarios and LCA in the agri-food sector},
  author={Ariane Voglhuber-Slavinsky and Alberto Zicari and Sergiy Smetana and Bj{\"o}rn Moller and Ewa D{\"o}nitz and Liesbet Vranken and Milena Zdravkovic and Kemal Aganovic and Enno Bahrs},
  journal={European Journal of Futures Research},
By combining qualitative scenarios and life cycle assessment (LCA), we place the latter in a larger context. This study outlines the importance of the integration of future perspectives into LCA, and also the significance of taking changes in the environment of technology into account, rather than just technological development itself. Accordingly, we focused on adapting the background system of an attributional LCA in the agri-food sector. The proposed technology was assumed not have evolved… 



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