Sesquiterpenes and dimeric sesquiterpenoids from Sarcandra glabra.

  title={Sesquiterpenes and dimeric sesquiterpenoids from Sarcandra glabra.},
  author={Xiu-feng He and Sheng Yin and Yin-chun Ji and Zu-Shang Su and Mei-yu Geng and Jian-Min Yue},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={73 1},
Two new sesquiterpenes, sarcandralactones A (1) and B (2), and five new dimeric sesquiterpenoids, sarcandrolides A-E (3-7), along with 10 known compounds were isolated from the whole plants of Sarcandra glabra. Their structures were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic analysis. Some of the new isolates exhibit significant cytotoxicities when tested against a small panel of tumor cell lines.