Sesquiterpene lactones from the leaves of Hedyosmum brasiliense (Chloranthaceae).

  title={Sesquiterpene lactones from the leaves of Hedyosmum brasiliense (Chloranthaceae).},
  author={Solomon Kweku Sagoe Amoah and F{\'a}bio Lazzarotto de Oliveira and Ana Caroline H da Cruz and Nicole M de Souza and Francinete Ramos Campos and Andersson Barison and Maique Weber Biavatti},
Hedyosmum brasiliense Miq. is an endemic aromatic arborescent shrub that is the only representative of the Chloranthaceae in Brazil. There have been few studies seeking to determine its chemical constituents and/or pharmacological effects. This work describes the isolation and identification of sesquiterpene lactones from the leaves, including guaianolides, elemanolides and a lindenanolide. These were tested against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, together with podoandin, onoseriolide and some… CONTINUE READING