Sesame Seed Food Allergy

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The number of reports regarding sesame seed food allergy (SFA) has increased significantly worldwide over the past two decades, either due to a genuine increase in SFA or merely an increase in its awareness. Its prevalence is difficult to estimate due to the lack of well designed prospective population-based studies. Based on the available data, we estimate that SFA affects 0.1–0.2 % of the population, in areas where the food is available. Albeit this prevalence appears to be relatively low, it… 

Hypersensitivities to sesame and other common edible seeds

The English literature from January 1930 to March 2016 is reviewed using PubMed and Google Scholar searching for publications relevant to hypersensitivity to common edible seeds, namely sesame, sunflower seed, poppy seed, pumpkin seed, flaxseed, and mustard seed to address the important role of a thorough history taking in suspecting seed allergy.

Sesame allergies: clinical significance, diagnosis, and therapy

Beside diagnostic measurements including skin tests, detection of IgE antibodies and oral provocation tests, the education of patients with sesame allergy is of particular importance, and differentiated, component-based IgE diagnostic testing is desirable.

Diagnosis of Sesame Allergy: Analysis of Current Practice and Exploration of Sesame Component Ses i 1.

Development of sesame tolerance and cosensitization of sesame allergy with peanut and tree nut allergy in children.

Clinical Relevance of Cross-Reactivity in Food Allergy.

Title Recent advances in component resolved diagnosis in foodallergy

Daily routine molecular allergy diagnostics offers a number of benefits that give us a higher diagnostic precision and allow for better management of the patient.

Oral allergy syndrome caused by crown daisy and sesame leaf

A case of OAS due to CD and SL, not associated with pollen allergy, is reported, which is shown to be mediated by a nonIgE mediated mechanism.

Measurement of specific IgE antibodies to Ses i 1 improves the diagnosis of sesame allergy

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The number of reported cases of allergic reactions to sesame seeds (Sesamum indicum) has increased significantly, and oral food challenge (OFC) is still the gold standard in the diagnosis.

Prenatal food allergen exposures and odds of childhood peanut, tree nut, or sesame seed sensitization.

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Sesame seed labelling and health protection of allergic consumers

Purpose Sesame can cause food allergy and according to European legislation, its presence in food must be declared on the label. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the presence of sesame in



Sesame allergy: a growing food allergy of global proportions?

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Food Allergy in Lebanon: Is Sesame Seed the "Middle Eastern" Peanut

A randomly sampled, cross-sectional serology test-based survey was conducted in Lebanon to describe the pattern of food allergy among Lebanese population, and specific IgE to peanut in infants, children, and adults were higher than for sesame, peanut-induced allergic reactions were mild.

Sesame food allergy and sensitization in children: the natural history and long‐term follow‐up

SFA tends to appear early in life, but unlike cow's milk and egg allergy, persists in 80% of the cases, and typical reactions combined with positive sesame SPT are reliable for diagnosis.

Epidemiology of food allergy.

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Molecular insight into IgE-mediated reactions to sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) seed proteins.

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Update on food allergy.

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Natural history of food allergy in infants and children in Israel.

Allergy to peanut, nuts, and sesame seed in Australian children

A database of the results of allergen skin tests undertaken by the department of allergy, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, is reviewed.