Services integration and cost-effectiveness.

  title={Services integration and cost-effectiveness.},
  author={Michael E. Hilton and Michael Fleming and Henry R. Glick and Marjorie A. Gutman and Yun He Lu and James Mckay and A. Thomas Mclellan and Willard G. Manning and Julie E. Meadows and Jennifer R. Mertens and Charles Moore and John Mullahy and Marlon P Mundt and Sujaya Parthasarathy and Daniel Polsky and Gary Thomas Ray and Stacy Sterling and Constance Meyer Weisner},
  journal={Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research},
  volume={27 2},
Alcohol treatment services are increasingly combined with other health and social services to address the needs of multiple-problem clients. Hence, it has been of growing policy interest to find the most effective and the most cost-effective ways of linking these services. This symposium presents some recent studies in this area. The small but growing body of studies in this area has great potential to inform public policy debates. 

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