[Service (computer) program for selecting magnifying means].


A service program for selecting magnifying means has been developed and tried in 59 patients (110 eyes) with senile maculodystrophy and cataracts. Attempts at choosing traditional magnifiers (magnifying glasses, hyperoculars, telescopic eyeglasses, and contact lens-eyeglasses system) were made with due consideration for the focus of lesions and the anatomooptic parameters of the eye (corneal refraction, size of the anteroposterior axis, and clinical refraction). The results indicate that the proposed program helped effectively choose traditional magnifiers for the majority (81.35%) of the above patient population.

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@article{Avetisov1997ServiceP, title={[Service (computer) program for selecting magnifying means].}, author={Sergei E Avetisov and Alexander Vvedenskii}, journal={Vestnik oftalmologii}, year={1997}, volume={113 3}, pages={30-2} }