Service Use and Unmet Needs Among Adults with Autism Awaiting Home- and Community-Based Medicaid Services.

  title={Service Use and Unmet Needs Among Adults with Autism Awaiting Home- and Community-Based Medicaid Services.},
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Autistic adults in need of long-term services and supports spend months on waiting lists before receiving such services through Medicaid. Data from a state-wide survey of adults and their caregivers on a waiting list for autism waivers suggest that the majority have unmet needs for functional skills services (63.6%), employment or vocation services (62.1%), and mental and behavioral health services (52.8%). Almost a third require case management services (28.3%). Predictors of greater service… Expand
Needs assessment in unmet healthcare and family support services: A survey of caregivers of children and youth with autism spectrum disorder in Delaware
Greater ASD severity and difficulties accessing child/youth healthcare services predicted participant's functional dependence on caregivers for activities of daily living and call for designing holistic, family‐centered interventions that address needs of both children and youth with ASD and their families. Expand
Depression in independent young adults on the autism spectrum: Demographic characteristics, service use, and barriers
Financial and insurance issues were the most common barriers that adults reported in accessing treatment for depression, and those who had some education beyond high school were more likely to be currently receiving treatment. Expand
A Systematic Review of the Perceived Barriers and Facilitators to Accessing Psychological Treatment for Mental Health Problems in Individuals on the Autism Spectrum
Individuals on the autism spectrum experience high rates of mental health issues. Meta-analyses indicate promising effects of psychological therapies, but challenges remain in ensuring and supportingExpand
Mental Health Services for Autistic Individuals Across the Lifespan: Recent Advances and Current Gaps
This synthesis of recent mental health services research with autistic individuals presents significant advances, current gaps, and recommendations for improving mental healthcare for thisExpand


Disparities in Unmet Service Needs Among Adults with Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities
  • M. Burke, T. Heller
  • Medicine
  • Journal of applied research in intellectual disabilities : JARID
  • 2017
Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who were in poor health, from minority backgrounds and non-verbal were significantly more likely to have a greater number of unmet service needs. Expand
Medicaid 1915(c) Home- and Community-Based Services waivers for children with autism spectrum disorder
The characteristics of 1915(c) Home- and Community-Based Services waivers for children with autism spectrum disorder across states and over time are described to set the stage for evaluating changes that occur with the implementation of health-care reform. Expand
Tracking health care service use and the experiences of adults with autism spectrum disorder without intellectual disability: A longitudinal study of service rates, barriers and satisfaction.
Findings highlight the challenges adults with ASD without ID face accessing appropriate, quality services to meet their needs, particularly those with complex medical and mental health issues. Expand
Post-high school service use among young adults with an autism spectrum disorder.
Rates of service disengagement are high after exiting high school, and disparities by race and socioeconomic status indicate a need for targeted outreach and services. Expand
Disparities in Access to Easy-to-Use Services for Children with Special Health Care Needs
The lack of access to health and community services in this study fell most heavily on children from racial/ethnic minority backgrounds, those in poverty, and those with complex emotional/behavioral or developmental needs and functional limitations. Expand
Service Needs Across the Lifespan for Individuals with Autism
It is demonstrated that adults with ASD have more and different needs for services, which can inform policy and program planning to put in place the services adults with autism spectrum disorder need. Expand
Access to care for children with autism in the context of state Medicaid reimbursement
Findings indicate there is significant variation between states in the relationship between having autism and problems accessing care, and accounting for state residence explains a significant amount of variation in the model. Expand
Autism Prevalence in the Medicaid Program and Healthcare Utilization and Costs Among Adult Enrollees Diagnosed with Autism
A retrospective analysis of 2006–2008 Medicaid claims for 39 states found a 38% increase in the prevalence of autism diagnoses from 2006 to 2008 and total expenditures and outpatient and ER visits varied significantly by demographic variables. Expand
Longitudinal outcomes of a consumer-directed program supporting adults with developmental disabilities and their families.
Longitudinal impacts of a consumer-directed support program that provides families with an individualized budget were studied at three points in time over a 9-year period; there were no differences in community participation and caregiver burden. Expand
Use of Vocational Rehabilitative Services Among Adults with Autism
Among those served, adults with ASD received the most expensive set of services and adults with MR were most likely to be competitively employed at case closure and the results suggest the importance of the VRS in serving adult with ASD. Expand