Service Learning

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Strengthening Families Through Volunteerism: Integrating Family Volunteerism and Family Life Education
This article builds on increasing interest in family volunteering by presenting it as a family life education tool for strengthening relationships and family functioning. In this context, family
Multicultural education and social justice actions
Multicultural citizenship education courses worldwide show promise in their ability to influence attitudes and beliefs supportive of social justice. However, many of these courses assume behavior
"A Spirit of Service:" Conceptualizing Service in Learning through the Preparation for Social Action (PSA) Program in Uganda
This research explores implications of service in learning for social change through an investigation of the Preparation for Social Action (PSA) Program in Uganda against the backdrop of the
The Service-Learning and Art Education
40 A RT EDUCATION I NOVEMBER 2007 I n thi s article l cxplore rhc big idea concept, service-learning. an d (lIfer a spec ific example of a service lea rning project involving pH' sefvice art teachers
Service-learning outcomes at a faith-based institution of higher education.
SERVICE-LEARNING OUTCOMES AT A FAITH-BASED INSTITUTION OF HIGHER EDUCATION Amy L. Doolittle November 21, 2006 This quantitative dissertation examines outcomes of a required servicelearning program at
Benefits and Challenges of Service-learning in Tennessee 4-H Youth Development: A Delphi Study
Service-learning is growing in popularity as a methodology for teaching youth life skills and 4-H project knowledge. Through a modified Delphi technique, a panel comprised of 4-H’ers, volunteers, and
Pedagogical effects of service-learning in a human exceptionality course: A comparison of two approaches
Service-learning. as a pedagogical approach for increasing social responsibility in students. has increasingly gained acceptance in higher education. With its emphasis on reflection and reciprocity.
The Impact of Service-Learning on Participants in Community-Based Organizations
Research questions examined variables addressing the impact of service-learning on participants in community-based organizations during the 1997 summer session. The researcher set out to determine