Serum trace elements in Zairian mothers and their newborns.

  title={Serum trace elements in Zairian mothers and their newborns.},
  author={Josiane Arnaud and Paul Preziosi and L M Mashako and Pilar Galan and C N Nsibu and Alain Favier and C N Kapongo and Serge Hercberg},
  journal={European journal of clinical nutrition},
  volume={48 5},
OBJECTIVES Pregnant women in developing countries might be at risk of trace element deficiencies. These deficiencies could have deleterious effects on fetus. Therefore, serum trace elements were determined at delivery in Zairian mothers and their newborns. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Maternity ward of Kinshasa University Hospital (Zaire). SUBJECTS 166 pregnant women admitted for delivery and their newborns. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Zinc, copper and selenium were determined by atomic… CONTINUE READING
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