Serum sialic acid as a marker of pancreatic cancers.

  title={Serum sialic acid as a marker of pancreatic cancers.},
  author={Ewa Gruszewska and Lech Chrostek and Bogdan Cylwik and Jolanta Tobolczyk and Maciej Szmitkowski and A. Kuklinski and Boguslaw Kedra},
  journal={Clinical laboratory},
  volume={59 7-8},
BACKGROUND The carbohydrate alterations in sialoglycoproteins and sialoglycolipids cause the high serum concentration of sialic acid in many types of cancers. The aim of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of total sialic acid (TSA), lipid-bound sialic acid (LSA), and free sialic acid (FSA) in patients with primary pancreatic cancers. METHODS TSA and LSA concentrations in the sera of 42 patients were measured by the enzymatic and FSA by the thiobarbituric method. RESULTS The… CONTINUE READING