Serum elastase I levels in pancreatic disease.

  title={Serum elastase I levels in pancreatic disease.},
  author={Katsusuke Satake and Y. S. Chung and Kaoru Umeyama},
  journal={American journal of surgery},
  volume={144 2},
The radioimmunoassay for human elastase I used in this study is accurate, sensitive, and specific, which we have confirmed. The assay can be done within 4 hours, which is important for clinical purposes. A total o 103 subjects were examined, and levels of 99 to 370 ng/dl (mean 200) in normal human sera were determined. The serum elastase levels in acute, acute relapsing, and chronic relapsing pancreatitis were significantly higher than normal. Although serial determinations returned to normal… CONTINUE READING
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