Serum cortisol and DHEA concentrations during HIV infection.

  title={Serum cortisol and DHEA concentrations during HIV infection.},
  author={N{\'e}v{\'e}na Christeff and N Gherbi and Olivier Mamm{\`e}s and Marie Therese Dalle and Shahin Gharakhanian and Olivier Lortholary and Jean Claude Melchior and E A Nu{\~n}ez},
  volume={22 Suppl 1},
The progression of HIV infection is accompanied by severe immunodepression and cachexia, particularly during advanced stages. The immune depression is due largely to a dramatic drop in the number of CD4 cells. The loss of body weight is mainly due to a reduced fat-free mass with no change in adipose tissue. We determined the serum concentrations of cortisol and DHEA and their correlations with absolute CD4 cell counts and changes in body weight of HIV-positive men. The results of five… CONTINUE READING
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