Serum copper and zinc in industrial centers in Slovakia

  title={Serum copper and zinc in industrial centers in Slovakia},
  author={Tatiana Mag{\'a}lov{\'a} and Anast{\'a}zia Brtkov{\'a} and Al{\vz}beta B{\'e}derov{\'a} and Igor Kajaba and Ivana Puchonova},
  journal={Biological Trace Element Research},
The association between serum copper and zinc concentrations and age, sex, and other risk factors of cardiovascular disease in randomly selected adult volunteers aged 19–59 were investigated. There was a positive relationship between copper and age in both sexes, but zinc was negatively correlated with age in males only. Serum zinc was positively related to HDL-cholesterol in males. Serum copper was positively related to total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol but negatively correlated to HDL… CONTINUE READING