Serum complement profiles in infants and children.

  title={Serum complement profiles in infants and children.},
  author={Michael E. Norman and Eric P. Gall and Arlene Taylor and Larry Laster and Ulf R. Nilsson},
  journal={The Journal of pediatrics},
  volume={87 6 Pt 1},
The purpose of this study was to examine normal serum values for the complement components, C3, C4, and C5, and total hemolytic complement (CH50) activity in 163 healthy infants and children, in the age range from birth through 14 years. There were statistically significant relationships of C3, C4, and C5, but not CH50 with age. None of the complement components or CH50 could be differentiated by sex or race. Tolerance limits for high and low values were projected for each complement… CONTINUE READING