Serum collagenase activity in chronic liver diseases.


To examine whether serum collagenase activity reflects the amount of hepatic collagenase in the fibrotic liver, we measured serum collagenase activity in 67 patients with chronic liver disease and in 26 healthy controls. Collagenase activity in serum was measured after reactivation by denaturing and dissociating the inhibitors with 3 M KSCN and 1 mM aminophenylmercuric acetate. Serum collagenase activity was 35% lower than control in chronic persistent hepatitis, 48% lower in chronic active hepatitis, 56% lower in liver cirrhosis and 68% lower in hepatocellular carcinoma. To interpret this finding of low serum collagenase activity, we measured serum concentration of TIMP (Tissue Inhibitor of Metallo-Proteinases). Serum TIMP concentration was increased as liver disease developed, and it was inversely correlated with serum collagenase activity. These results suggest that in this assay condition serum collagenase activity is influenced by TIMP, and thus may not reflect the amount of hepatic collagenase in patients with chronic liver disease.

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