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Serum Vitamin B 12 Levels and Premature Hair Graying : A Hospital Based Study

  title={Serum Vitamin B 12 Levels and Premature Hair Graying : A Hospital Based Study},
  author={Dr. Nidhi Sharma and Mashkoor Ahmed Wani},
Background: Premature graying of hair can lead to immense psychological distress in young children and adolescents. Its exact etiology is not fully elucidated but genetic, environmental and nutritional factors have been implicated. Materials and Methods: This was a case control study conducted in a tertiary care hospital in North India in which 60 patients with premature hair graying and equal number of age and sex matched controls were included and serum Vitamin B12 levels were measured in… 

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Factors Associated with Premature Hair Graying in a Young Indian Population

PHG is associated with low serum ferritin, Vitamin B12, and HDL-C levels in Indian patients aged <25 years, however, studies with large sample sizes may be required to conclusively define these putative associations.

Association of premature hair graying with family history, smoking, and obesity: a cross-sectional study.

Demographic Characteristics and Association of Serum Vitamin B12, Ferritin and Thyroid Function with Premature Canities in Indian Patients from an Urban Skin Clinic of North India: A Retrospective Analysis of 71 Cases

The age of onset of hair graying can be as low as 5 years, and a strong family history, Vitamin B12 deficiency, and hypothyroidism are strongly associated with PHG.

Vitamin B12 could be a "master key" in the regulation of multiple pathological processes.

It is possible that even when the serum cobalamin level is normal, treatment with vitamin B12 could correct defects caused by other biologically active substances, so the "Master Key" effect can be tested by treating diseases, such as recurrent stomatitis, various forms of hyperpigmentation, trophic ulcers, and burns.

Rate of Greying of Human Hair

A sample of Australians examined to determine whether or not its onset and progress are influenced by hair colour, and found that ageing in man is influenced by hairstyle.

The Colour of the Hair

Epidemiological and Investigative Study of Premature Graying of Hair in Higher Secondary and Pre-University School Children

An epidemiological and investigative study of premature graying of hair in higher secondary and pre-university school children of the semi-urban area found that S. Ca, S. Ferritin, vitamin D3 may play a role in prematureGraying ofhair in the authors' society.

Vitamin B12 Activates the Wnt-Pathway in Human Hair Follicle Cells by Induction of beta-Catenin and Inhibition of Glycogensynthase Kinase-3 Transcription

A hair growth promoting effect of vitamin B12 in vitro is demonstrated, accompanied by the modulation of intracellular signal transduction molecules of the wnt-pathway and might promote hair growth after micrograft transplantation.

Hypomelanoses and hypermelanosis. Disorders of melanocytes

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